Store and play video in Google Drive

How to Store and play video in Google Drive 

You can store and play recordings straightforwardly from Google Drive.


Take in more about transferring records and envelopes to Google Drive.

Play recordings 

To discover your transferred recordings:

Go to Google Drive

In the crate checked “Hunt Drive,” tap the Down bolt .

In the crate checked “Sort,” click Videos.

Click Search.

To play your video:

Double tap the record.

To play full-screen, in the base, click fullscreen.

Cutoff points and mistakes

Limits for video

You can store recordings up to 5 TB on the off chance that you have obtained in any event that much stockpiling. Else you are restricted to how much stockpiling you have accessible.

You can transfer video of any determination, however greatest playback determination is 1920 x 1080.

Record sorts for video

Bolstered designs

Blunder messages

When you transfer or watch video in Drive, you may see a portion of the accompanying blunder messages.

“Not able to process this video.”

“We’re preparing this video. It would be ideal if you inquire later.”

“This video is at present inaccessible.”


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